Our Reason for Existence

All the way back in 1992 it was already apparent that many people were living with suffering that current treatments did not help.

Despite the massive plethora of research that has taken place over the intervening years, even today experts agree that when it comes to chronic pain, overweight/obesity, and PTSD, there is no current widely-used treatment which relieves suffering for the majority of people, and this includes medications of all kinds, physical therapy programs, and psychological treatments.

And yet study after study makes overblown claims for efficacy that are not borne out by the very data those claims are based on.

In stark contrast SDR Therapy is soundly based on scientific principles and is explained by recognised, well-known biological and neurological mechanisms.

So it is unsurprising that the outcomes of our clinical trials are so far in advance of what has been previously experienced.

It is our mission to disseminate this methodology as widely as possible so that as a profession we cease using less effective (or completely ineffective) treatment strategies such as CBT and mindfulness, and so that many more people can be relieved of their suffering and return to a life that is both joyful and meaningful for them.